Bed Bug Population Levels Up in Charlotte!

Bed bugs‘ comeback is a news raging on for years long even until today. And surely, you’ve heard about it, haven’t you? However, based on reports and records of health government agencies and pest-control companies, the vampire-like pests are more prevalent on some cities than the others. And if you’re from Charlotte, North Carolina, heads up because it was said that the pests were increasing in the place.

According to a report from, pest-control companies in the area said that they received a huge increase of bed bug treatment calls last summer. One company even detailed it got more than 200 calls requesting bed bug treatment in the summer of 2011 alone.

Now, just imagine if even just 50% of those who called for bed bug treatment has transferred the pests. Surely, by now, there could already be thousands infested by bed bugs. And sadly, little you might know it, you could already be one of the bed bug victims.

But don’t panic. Bed bugs suck blood but they don’t transfer diseases. Nevertheless, they are annoying. Bed bug bites can leave nasty marks and they can leave a person paranoid. And with just those negative effects, you already have enough reasons to get rid of them. But how?

Well, you can hire a bed bug professional. However, although that will make your bed bug treatment easy, it will cost you. So for a less-expensive way to kill the pests, get yourself a bed bug spray instead. Search for bed bugs in areas they would likely hide and apply the product. Nonetheless, of the bed bug solutions you can purchase, pick Bed Bug Bully.

Bed Bug Bully is effective as proven by pest-control companies, homeowners and even hospitals and hotels. More than, it is non-toxic making the bed bug treatment safe.

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