Recommended Bed Bug Sprays

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You will want to ask yourself this question.. Will you want to throw all your valuables and evacuate your home… or would you want to kill bed bugs without having to throw away anything and not worry about dangerous pesticides.

I assume you will want to get rid of bed bugs without having to evacuate or throw away valuables.

The Exact Reason Why Bed Bug Bully Was Developed and Used By Bed Bug Exterminators

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  • Pesticide Exempt By EPA
  • Non-Toxic Bed Bug Spray
  • Kills Bed Bugs
  • Prevents Bed Bug Re-Infestions
  • Does Not Require Evacuation

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  • Safe Around Kids and Pets
  • Natural Bed Bug Control
  • Kills Bed Bugs In 34 Seconds
  • Kills Bed Bug Larvae & Eggs
  • No Harsh Fumes or Odors


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Read thru our bed bug exterminator guides and be sure to grab your complimentary sample of bed bug bully.

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Exterminators prefer Bed Bug Bully and many of Bed Bug Bully customers will in fact prefer to use this unique bed bug control before going thru the steps of a exterminator for bed bugs. Below we layout the process to understand bed bug exterminator prices and procedures. Plus which spray for bed bugs exterminators prefer.

A quick note: We always recommend if you have a large bed bug problem. A bed bug exterminator can be a valuable asset to help you. We work with some of the most advanced bed bug experts in the industry, feel free to call us if you need a bed bug exterminator.

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  • Consultation
  • Do Full Inspection
  • May Use Heat & Bed Bug Bully
  • Will Ask To Evacuate
  • Could Cost Up To $500+

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  • Receive Free Blueprint To Inspect For Bed Bugs
  • Bed Bug Bully “Buddy” Offers Consultation By Phone
  • Spray On Bed, Furniture, and Anywhere Else
  • No Need To Evacuate
  • Kills Bed Bugs Within 34 Seconds


If you have bed bugs, feel free to try Bed Bug Bully. The product is a natural solution to kill bed bugs and prevent bed bugs from coming back. Their is no harsh chemicals or fumes, so need for evacuation. As for bed bugs though… bed bugs will be destroyed within 34 seconds of contact of this unique bed bugs control solution.

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You will notice Bed Bug Bully is a safe solution. Used by bed bugs exterminators for bed bugs control and also bed bugs prevention. Bed bugs exterminators are more satisfied using Bed Bug Bully for safe bed bugs controls that does not require evacuation or huge labor costs. Bed bugs exterminators do use a spray for bedbugs and also their professional advice when killing bed bugs.

Unfortunately, bed bugs exterminators are called after you see bed bug bites. Waking up and noticing 1 little bed bug bite on your skin. Then usually after more investigation, you will find more bed bug bites… coming to the conclusion you may have a bed bug infestation.

If you feel you have a bed bug infestation, it is important to act quickly. Bed bugs infestations happen quickly due to the speed bedbugs reproduce. If you fall into this situation, be sure to get yourself safe bed bug treatments. Don’t wait for your bed bug problem to solve itself. Bed bug treatments can include bed bugs exterminators, bed bug sprays or simple know what causes bed bugs.

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